gpt? will AI change the world?

Hello world!

Yes, “Hello world!” which is popular sentence when something new is started. And it is commonly used when you are to learn a new computer programing language.

And, yes, something new is started, GPT, which according to the outcome from chatGPT:

“GPT” stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer.” This name breaks down into three parts:

  1. Generative: This indicates the model’s capability to generate text. It can create coherent and contextually relevant text based on the input it receives.
  2. Pre-trained: Before being used for specific tasks, the model undergoes extensive training on a large dataset. This pre-training allows it to understand and use natural language.
  3. Transformer: This refers to the type of neural network architecture used. The transformer architecture is particularly effective for understanding the context and relationships in language due to its attention mechanisms.

In summary, GPT is a type of AI model designed to generate human-like text by understanding and predicting language patterns, trained on a large corpus of text data using the transformer architecture.

just on Jan 10, 2024, OpenAI introduced the GPT store, to bring so called custom version of its ChatGPT “developed” by users of ChatGPT around the world. To certain extend, we could also just call it like an “App”, just like those from Google Store and Apple AppStore. It is an exciting moment to explore what it could bring to us, that is why I still call my first post here with title “Hello, world!”

More will come.

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